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Almaty Botanical Garden

Excursion to the Botanical Garden in Almaty

Sights of the botanical garden in Almaty

The Botanical Garden in Almaty was founded in 1932 and in 2006 the botanical garden received the status of a specially protected area, this was done to protect the park from private development. Rare species of trees and plants grow on the territory of the park, garden, 7 thousand species of plants grow here, 370 species of plants grow here from the flora of Kazakhstan, 800 species of foreign plants and 450 species of plants from Russia. On the territory of the park you can walk, relax and have a good time, there are benches and places to relax.

Botanical Garden of Almatyhow to get there

The Botanical Garden is located in the city of Almaty in its southern upper part of the city, at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, near Temiryazev Street, and the Malaya Almatinka River. GPS coordinates of Almaty Botanical Garden: N43°13'12" E76°54'54"

Almaty Botanical Gardeninformation for tourists

The Botanical Park, the garden of the city of Almaty are the lungs of the city, a large number of plants grow here that generate oxygen and clean the city from smog. Plants that are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan are taken care of and protected here, a unique collection of plants from all over the world, Russia, the Caucasus, Crimea, North America and East Asia is collected here. The botanical garden is very quiet because there are no noisy streets nearby and the noise of the city is not heard here. The silence of the botanical garden has a beneficial effect on people, you can always meet vacationers from the city of Almaty, athletes spend time here, practice on physical training grounds and run or fast walking.

Botanical Garden of Almaty


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