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Kazakh National Opera and Ballet Theater named Abay

Theaters of Almaty

Visit to the Opera and Ballet Theater in Almaty

The Abai Opera and Ballet Theater is the most important and leading theater in Kazakhstan. The theater was organized in 1933 as a music studio, in 1934 the studio turned into a drama theater. The theater building is incredibly beautiful, was built under Soviet rule, the architects of the project were N. Kruglov, N. Prostakov, T. Basenov, V. Bychkov, P. Polivanov, artists V. Kroshin, N. Tsivchinsky. The first performance in the theater was a performance that took place on November 7 in 1941.

Abay Opera and Ballet Theater how to get there

The theater is located in the central part of the city next to the Almaty hotel, next to the pedestrian street Panfilov. GPS coordinates of the Abai Opera and Ballet Theater: N43°14'56" E76°56'45"

Kazakh National Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abayinformation

The theater is a monument of architecture and history, the theater accommodates 789 people. The repertoire of the theater includes 35 opera and 40 ballet performances, Kazakh composers, Russian and European composers. For many decades, the socio-political life of the republic took place in the theater, starting with the holding of party, Soviet and economic congresses, solemn mourning events, book exhibitions, fairs, children's holidays, including staging performances for school holidays and holding the Main annual Christmas tree for the New Year. Next to the theater there is a beautiful fountain that works in the summer, at night the fountain is illuminated with lights of different colors, next to the theater there is a small square where you can relax and spend time.

Opera and Ballet Theater in Almaty


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