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Tengiz Lake

Tours to Lake Tengiz

Travel from Astana to Lake Tengiz

Lake Tengiz is one of the largest salt reservoirs of Northern and Central Kazakhstan, located at an altitude of 304.4 m above sea level. The bottom of the lake is flat, smooth, mostly grayish-black in color, consists of silt with medicinal properties. Algae grow in the northeastern part of the lake. The lake freezes in December, the ice thickness reaches 1 m, melts in April. The water level rises by 0.5 m in spring, falls in October. There is water in the lake all year round. The rivers Nura, Kulanotpes, Espesay, Bolshaya and Malaya Tobylgysay flow into the lake.

Lake Tengizhow to get there

Lake Tengiz is located in the south-west of the Korgalzhyn district of Akmola region. The lake is located in a tectonic basin in the western part of the depression. GPS coordinates of Lake Tengiz: 50°26'23"N 68°54'0"E

Lake Tengizinformation

The eastern coast of Lake Tengiz is strongly divided by bays, there are 70 islands, large and small. Waterfowl nest in the lake (up to 50 thousand pairs per year), including the common flamingo (up to 21 thousand heads). The water is inhabited by such fish as crucian carp, burbot, perch, pike. Lake Tengiz is part of the Korgalzhyn State Reserve, the reserve has routes for tourists, along which you can travel and observe the life of the reserve and birds on Lake Tengiz. It is possible to travel to Lake Tengiz only with a guide from the Korgalzhyn Reserve, before visiting the lake, you need to stop by the office of the Korgalzhyn Reserve and register your arrival and get a route map.

Lake Tengiz


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