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Bosaga tract on Mangyshlak

Attractions of the Mangyshlak Highlands

Jeep tour from Aktau to Bosaga tract

Bosaga tract is the most beautiful desert tract of the Mangyshlak highlands, the places here are rarely visited and there is no infrastructure such as hotels, guest houses or paved roads. The places are absolutely wild, but they are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers on motorhomes and jeeps. The Bosaga tract is a natural landmark of the Mangyshlak Peninsula.

Bosaga tracthow to get there

Bosaga tract is located in Mangystau region, Mangyshlak peninsula, in Kazakhstan. The tract is part of the Turgay plateau. GPS coordinates of the Mangystau Bosaga tract: 49°43'44"N 63°54'4"E

Bosaga tractinformation for tourists

It is necessary to travel through the Bosaga tract on at least two 4x4 vehicles of high cross-country ability, and for mutual assistance. We take all the necessary equipment for the installation of the base camp with us, since there is no tourist infrastructure in the tract. It is best to visit the Bosaga tract in the first half of summer, because at this moment it is especially beautiful here, since nature and vegetation are blooming, in the second half of summer it becomes very hot here, and the whole area and vegetation completely burns out and acquires a gray-white hue. In the tract, if desired, you can spend the night, places for an overnight stay are suitable, at night if it is not cloudy, the sky is incredibly beautiful and strewn with stars, there is no illumination from the city, so you can observe the starry sky without restrictions.

Bosaga tract


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