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Tour Baisary - Ayrakty

Jeep tour to Airakty tract on Mangyshlak

Photo tour in the Baysary tract

The route according to the program: Aktau – Karagiye depression – Zhanaozen city – Senek village – Bokty Mountain – Baysary tract – Boszhira tract – Beke ata Mosque – Shopan ata Mosque – salt marsh Tuzbair – Kokala tract – Shetpe village – yurt camp "Ethnoaul" - Sherkala mountain – Airakty-Shomanai tract – Torysh tract – Aktau city

We invite you to visit Mangyshlak peninsula, Baisary tract and Airakty tract. Both tracts are a natural attraction of the Mangystau region, the terrain here is desert, steppe, hills, low mountains. The places are suitable for active recreation, there is no tourist infrastructure here, so we take all the necessary equipment for traveling with us. There are no paved roads in this place, so get ready for dust on the roads, also in the summer it is quite hot and windy in places. It is possible to move around this area only by 4x4 cars in the amount of two cars, (two cars are necessary for mutual assistance and additional insurance in case of breakdown of one of the cars). Our company is professionally similar to the organization of travel, so we do not save on sending one car to such extreme conditions. Also on this trip we will visit the underground Beket-Ata Mosque and underground Shopan-Ata Mosque.

  • Distance of the route: 783 km
  • Season time: June, July, Ahgust
  • Best time: June
  • Group size: 1-10
  • Days & nights: 3 days, 2 nights

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