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Mausoleum of Baluaniyaz Musrepuly

Monuments of the Mangyshlak Peninsula

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Baluaniyaz is a necropolis, a mausoleum, a place of pilgrimage, a place of power on Mangyshlak. This monument was erected in honor of Batyr Baluaniyaz (1881-1856) from the Adai clan. Baluaniyaz was buried together with his comrades in a sacred place where a bloody battle took place. The poet Kalniyaz sang about the feat of Baluaniyaz in the saga ”Baluaniyaz batyr". In 1992, a memorial dome was installed on the site of the battle of Batyr.

Baluaniyaz Mausoleumhow to get there

Baluaniyaz Mausoleum is located in Mangistau region, Karakiyansky district, Mangyshlak peninsula. The distance from Senek Village to Baluaniyaz Mausoleum is 100 km. GPS coordinates of Baluaniyaz Mausoleum: N 43°23' 34.30, E 54°33' 40.73

Baluaniyaz Mausoleuminformation

Baluaniyaz Mausoleum belongs to the sacred monuments of Kazakhstan. As part of the article by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev, during the implementation of the project "Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan", it was necessary to determine the total number of sacred objects in the country and this mausoleum of Baluaniyaz was included in the list of these objects, in addition to this mausoleum, 100 other objects on Mangyshlak are included in this list.

Baluaniyaz Mausoleum


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