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Mount Akmaya

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Mount Akmaya is a natural landmark of the Mangyshlak Peninsula. Mount Akmaya is not big, but very remarkable, a free-standing mountain in the steppe surrounded by a larger mountain range called Emdy. Locals call this mountain Camel, because on the one hand the mountain resembles a camel in the steppe or even a whole caravan of camels. On the mountain, you can stop for a rest, take a walk in the surroundings, take photos and have lunch.

How to get there, visit -

Mount Akmaya is located in the Mangystau region in Kazakhstan, located in the steppe, there is a dirt road nearby, along which you can die close to the mountain. The mountain is located on the road that leads to Kapamsai Canyon.
GPS coordinates: 44°22'7"N 51°31'44"E

Information -

Mount Akmaya is notable for its convenient location, so traveling along the Mangyshlak peninsula you will definitely see this mountain. The mountain is notable for its rock, of which it consists, in clear sunny weather the mountain can be completely white, in cloudy weather the mountain acquires gray brown shades. It is especially beautiful in this region in spring and early summer, when the length is filled with colors, in the second half of summer it becomes very hot and dry here. I also travel to Mount Akmaya, we will see the Caspian Sea before or after, here you can stay for the night and spend the night on the seashore.

Mount Akmaya in Mangystau region, Mangyshlak peninsula


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