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Big Ashutastin Cross (geoglyph)

Geoglyphs of the Kostanay regionJeep Tour on Geoglyph Big Ashutastin Cross

Geoglyph "Big Ashutastin Cross" is also known by the other unofficial name "Big Koktau Cross", which is the cross of which is 436 meters. The cross consists of round earthen embankments, also geoglyph is precisely oriented to the cardinal points. Geoglyph was found by the researcher Dmitry Act in the Kostanaysk region in the area called the Turgai deflection, or the Turgay lowland.

How to get there

Geoglyph Ashutastinsky cross is located in the Aktobe region, from the village of Koktau to geoglyphs the distance is 18 km, from the city of Arkalyk 51 km. GPS Coordinates Big Ashutastinsky Cross: 50 ° 13'39.62"N 66 ° 17'31.15"E


To see the Geoglyph, the Big Ashutastinsky Cross will need to get to him from the nearest city of Arkalyk. In the area, it is possible to move only on 4x4 high cross -country car, there is no tourist infrastructure here, therefore, all the necessary equipment for the night must be taken with you. It is possible to see the data of geoglyph from the Earth but only a small part, therefore, to study geoglyph, you need to take a quadrocopter with you to conduct aerial photography of the area. This geoglyph has been studied little and there is not much information about it. Geoglyph of the Bolshaya Ashutastin Cross was depicted by our ancestors in ancient times, for which purposes are unknown, it is also unknown when this geoglyph was made on the earth's surface.

Big Ashutastin Cross


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