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Merchant Savva Zubov's house in Almaty

Old houses of the city of Almaty

Houses of the XIX century in Almaty

Merchant Savva Zubov at the beginning of the XX century built a house on the territory of the city of Fort Verniy, which is now an architectural landmark of the modern city of Almaty. The house was built on a street called Taranchievskaya Street. The material from which the house was built is Tien Shan spruce.

Merchant Savva Zubov's house in Almatyhow to get there

The house of the merchant Zubov is located on Baytursynova Street (former Cosmonauts Street), Almaty city, Nikolsky Bazaar district. GPS coordinates of merchant Savva Zubov's house: N43°14'46.24" E76°55'37.13"

Savva Zubov's houseinformation for tourists

The house of the merchant Zubov is notable for its architecture, the planning system of the structure is enfiladed, the entrance to the building is on the south side, the house is oriented to the west and to the cardinal directions. The building is an example of the merchant development of the city of Verny. Next to the house is the famous St. Nicholas Bazaar and next to the bazaar is St. Nicholas Church, there is also a small park and a cinema. The first name of the street where the Taranchinskaya house was located, then the street was renamed Uygurskaya, in 1962 the street was named Cosmonauts Street, currently the street is called Baitursynova, named after the Kazakh poet Akhmet Baitursynov. It is still unknown what the merchant Zubov traded in, there is information that he owned several retail areas at the Nikolsky market. Now the house of merchant Savva Zubov is the house-museum of Akhmet Baitursynov, this is the same building.

Merchant Savva Zubov's house in Almaty


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