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Ishim River Embankment

The best place for residents and guests of Astana

The embankment of the Ishim River (Yesil) is the best place in Astana for recreation and leisure. The embankment is very popular, here you can walk along the Ishim River both on the left bank and on the right. The embankment of the Ishim River in Astana is the hallmark of the city. Kayaking is popular on the Ishim River, many residents of the city float down the river on their kayaks. The embankment is notable for the fact that along the river there are parks, children's attractions, places for recreation. Here you can rent a boat for a walk on the river.

How to get there

The embankment of the Ishim River is located in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The river flows through the whole city, so you can get to the embankment in any part of the city. The central part of the city of Astana with its embankment on the Ishim River is the most popular place in the city.


The central part of the embankment of the Ishim River runs through the central part of the city, here it is most interesting and picturesque. Walking on a boat on the river, you can watch the city of Astana from the river, with all its panoramic views, beauties and attractions. At night, it is also very good on the embankment of the Ishim River, especially in summer, people relax on the river after the heat of the day. In winter, a large city ice rink is open on the embankment in the central part of the city. The Ishim River, flowing through the city of Astana, divides the city into two parts, the old city and the new city.

Ishim River

Ishim River, 2450 km long (Russian Ishim / Yesil; Kazakh Yesil) is a left tributary of the Irtysh River in Kazakhstan and Russia (Asia). Ishim originates in Kazakhstan in the north-western part of the republic. 50 km south-east of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, the Vyacheslav reservoir was built on the river for irrigation and electricity generation, and in 2002 the Irtysh-Karaganda Canal was connected to it for further water supply of the rapidly growing city. The Ishim River flows through the government quarter and the business center of Astana. Ishim (Yesil) refers to rivers with high minerality.

Ishim River embankment Astana


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