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Atameken ethno-memorial complex

Map of Kazakhstan and its attractions in miniature

"Atameken" is a miniature map of Kazakhstan, presented in the form of miniature copies of landscape and architectural sights of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This complex gives a quick idea of the beauty of Kazakhstan, here you can make your own route for the future and choose places to visit. The purpose of this complex is to introduce the population of the republic to travel and study the ancestral land, its cultural and historical attractions.

The cost of the visit

Entrance ticket - 400 tenge. Excursion - 200 tenge. Photography - 300 tenge.

How to get there

The unique ethno-memorial complex "Atameken" is located in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, between Turan and Kabanbai Batyr Avenues. Buses run here № 18, 28, 32, 37, 44, 52, 70, Duman shopping center is also located nearby and buses run to it № 103, 50, 44, 32, 21


Atameken is translated from the Turkic language and means "Land of the ancestors". On the open–air map of reduced copies of the sights of Kazakhstan - Atameken, you will see reduced copies of mountains, copies of various buildings at a rather impressive distance. Here you will see the two main cities of Kazakhstan, Almaty and Astana, as well as see copies of rivers and lakes, in general, it is quite interesting and informative here. Here you can walk and build your route around Kazakhstan, it will take you two hours to get around the complex. The territory of the park is 2 hectares, there is a shopping center and a water park nearby, as well as a circus.

Atameken-map of reduced copies of the sights of Kazakhstan


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