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Botanical Garden – Astana

A walk through the botanical garden in Astana

"Botanical Garden" - has been receiving visitors since April 2019, here you can buy shoots of exotic plants in the greenhouse complex and take a walk in the garden. The Botanical Garden was established in 2018 on the eve of the 20th anniversary of Astana. The garden building is quite unusual, the building is built in the shape of a pyramid with large windows on the planes of the sides of the pyramid made for unobstructed sunlight on tropical plants located in the garden inside the building.

How to get

The Botanical Garden is located in the city of Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yesilsky district, the left bank of the Ishim River, the central part. GPS coordinates of Astana Botanical Garden: 51.106°N 71.416°E


The Botanical Garden of Astana has planted and grows 1100 plants brought from tropical countries, such as ficus, lemon, dracaena, orange, fern, palm, etc. The garden consists of two parts. In the greenhouse complex there are more than 70 species of tropical and subtropical plants, and in the succulents section there are more than 60 species of cacti and aloe.

On the territory of the Botanical Park of Astana, which occupies a fairly large area, there is everything for active recreation, treadmills, bike paths, a playground for sports, etc. There is also a skating rink in the park in winter.

Educational programs for children, schoolchildren and students have been developed on the basis of the botanical garden. Students majoring in biology, ecology, forest resources, crop production can come to our garden and take an internship. For this purpose, a memorandum is being developed with Astana universities. In the future, a nature museum will open here, where children will be taught how to take care of plants."

Botanical Garden city of Astana


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