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Central Capital Park – Astana

Where to take a walk in the fresh air in Astana – City parks of Kazakhstan –

The Central Park in Astana is the central and main park of the city, the previous name is Park Astana, is a park of culture and recreation of citizens and guests of the capital. The territory of the park is fully landscaped, there is everything for the entertainment of children and adults, there is also an embankment and a pond in which ducks and white swans live. In the Park there are walking paths throughout the park, on the grass under the trees you can relax. The territory of the park is 104 hectares.

How to get

Astana Park (Central City Park) is located in the city of Astana, the embankment of the Ishim River, Kazakhstan. Phone: +7 (7172) 48-27-30; Working hours: daily, around the clock.


The Central Park in Astana is famous for its size, here you can both walk leisurely and spend an active lifestyle running and training at local sports grounds. In the park of Astana, it is very picturesque, especially in the summer, when nature blooms and is filled with colors. In summer, you can admire its inhabitants in the park, these are ducks, swans and various birds that live in the park on the water and the surrounding area. Guests of the park especially like to feed swans and ducks. The park has benches for recreation, fountains, etc. Shrubs, trees, flowers and flower beds are planted in the park, so the park is very green and beautiful. On the territory of the park there is an ethno-memorial complex Atameken and a family recreation center.

Various sports events are held on the territory of the Astana City Park, every Sunday at 10.00 am city sports exercises are held here, someone is engaged in dancing, someone is engaged in strength exercises. There are running tracks, there is also an 11 km long bike path, in winter you can go on sports skis and ride on an ice rink, which also opens in winter.

Attractions and Water Park Oasis

A special water park has recently been opened on the territory of the central park of Astana, with pools and slides, sun beds for relaxing and sunbathing. Also on the territory of the park there are a large number of attractions for children. Also near the park there is a city beach on the Ishim River (Yesil) here you can sunbathe and swim in the river.

Central Park – Astana


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