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Atyrau Bridge (Atyrau kopiri) in Astana

Architecture of KazakhstanWalking tour to Atyrau Bridge

Atyrau Bridge is an architectural landmark of the capital of Kazakhstan, the city of Astana. The bridge connects the right bank and the left bank of the Ishim River (Yesil). The bridge is pedestrian, very beautiful and unusual, at night there is an unusual beautiful illumination, which gives the structure grace and grace. The pedestrian bridge was opened on July 1, 2018 for the 20th anniversary of the capital. The length of the bridge is 313 meters, the width is 10 meters, there are pedestrian paths and bike paths on the bridge.

How to get there

Atyrau Bridge is located on the Ishim River (Yesil) in Astana, Kazakhstan. The bridge connects the right and left banks of the river.


The pedestrian bridge in Astana or Atyrau Bridge resembles the scales of a fish, when you are inside the bridge, you get the impression that you are walking inside a huge snake. The design and shape of the bridge are unusual, have a curved shape, the middle of the bridge has high side walls and ceiling mounting beams that fasten the right and left sides of the bridge. In the shell of the bridge there is a "flower of life" pattern, which corresponds to the Fibonacci law, also known as the golden ratio. At night, Atyrau Bridge turns on the backlight with changing colors. In the center, the bridge has a wide shape so that you can take a leisurely stroll, you can get from the city to the park area on the banks of the Yesil River (Ishim) for rest and spending time on the bridge.

Atyrau Bridge in Astana


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