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Sculpture composition "Circus" in Astana

Tours in Kazakhstan and Akmola regionVisit the Astana Circus

The sculptural composition "Circus" is installed in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The Astana City Circus is located nearby. There is a fountain nearby, which is open in the summer. The fountain is surrounded by sculptures that relate to circus themes. The most beautiful sculpture is a golden clown which is mounted on a ball in the center of the fountain, the clown holding an umbrella is an integral circus attribute. This object attracts a lot of people, here you can take a walk and see the circus schedule, buy tickets. You can also buy tickets to the circus via the Internet.

How to get there

The sculptural composition "Circus" is located in Astana, the city circus is located nearby.
GPS coordinates 51°08'42N 71°25'08E


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