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Fountain "Saka warriors"

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"Saka warriors" - fountain in the city of Astana, the sculptures on the fountain depict the warriors of the Saka tribes who inhabited the territory of present-day Kazakhstan. We can say that the Saka warriors are our ancestors, so the fountain has a symbolic meaning. In summer, the fountain works, in winter it does not, the fountain adorns the entrance to the National Museum of Astana. Near the fountain there are such attractions as Hazret Sultan Mosque, Palace of Peace and Accord, Palace of Independence.

How to get

The fountain "Saka Warriors" is located in Astana next to the National Museum of the city, Republic of Kazakhstan.


In the center of the fountain "Saka warriors" there is a bowl from which water pours and flows to the Saka warriors located around the bowl. Wars are mounted on tulpars (magic horses), warriors are dressed in golden armor, in the hands of war they hold spears. Standing under water has always been blessed, no wonder they say that water is a source of energy and standing, for example, under a waterfall is very good, it has a good effect on the energy of the body, revitalizes and energizes and washes away all the negativity. Therefore, there are always a lot of people near the fountains, the water attracts with its coolness and murmur.

Saka Warriors fountain, Astana city


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