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The Kazakh Eli (monument)

Monuments and monuments of the city of Astana

"The Kazakh Eli " is a cultural and architectural monument located in the city of Astana. The monument symbolizes loyalty, unity, friendship, brotherhood and goodwill of Kazakhstanis. The monument was opened in 2009. The authors of the monument are Sarsenbek Zhunusov and Zhanbyrshy Nurkenov. The height of the monument made of white marble is 91 meters, the upper part of the monument is decorated with the golden magic bird Samruk, the symbol of Kazakhstan, which protects the tranquility of Kazakhstan.

How to get there

The monument " Kazakh Eli" is located in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, the monument is installed on the central square of the city. GPS coordinates: 51°07'19"N 71°28'11"E


The complex, on top of which the Samruk bird is installed, consists of a long column and 4 bronze bas-reliefs embossed on the theme "The First President and the people of Kazakhstan". The monument illustrates the chronicle history of the Kazakh land and its people (formation, history, difficult times, liberation uprising, the years of victory). The complex presents the life of Kazakhstan, dating back to the Saka times, with events up to the present. It has long been known that the territory of Kazakhstan is located at the junction of nine roads, which have become a mutual cooperation of civilizations and cultures. A branch of the Great Silk Road passed through the steppes of Kazakhstan. Even then, Kazakhstan was a golden bridge connecting East and West with the revival of trade and cultural ties.

It can be said that the peaceful position of Kazakhstanis was formed not as a result of global social experiments of the XX century, but as a result of correct historical steps. Today, representatives of different nationalities and religions gathered in the Kazakh steppe, who identified peace and friendship as the main conditions for their development path.

Monument Kazak Eli in Astana


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