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Monument "Lovers" (My Happiness)

Interesting monuments of AstanaLovers' Park in Astana

The monument "Lovers" is a romantic sculpture, located in the center of Astana. Another name of the monument is "My Happiness". The sculpture represents a young guy and a girl walking around the city. This monument symbolizes the masculine and feminine, love between a man and a woman, traditional values, love, family. The sculpture is made of bronze, sculptor Tolepbai Yerbolat. The monument to the lovers was erected on June 10, 2005, next to the Khan Shatyr entertainment center. Many assign the monument "Lovers" the status of the most erotic in Central Asia. The reason for this is the transparent or slightly wet dress of the Kazakh beauty.

How to get there

The monument "Lovers" is located in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan in the Lovers' Park.

Monument "Lovers" Astana City


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