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Flagpole The State Flag of Astana

Monuments Astana city, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstancity tour

The main flagpole of Astana (Nur-Sultan) is a hill in the city park, where a mast is installed on which the symbol of Kazakhstan, the Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan, develops. The height of the mast is 100 meters, the area of the flag cloth is 450 square meters, the height is 15 meters, the length is 30 meters. The flag is very large, the flag can be seen from afar, residents of high-rise buildings can observe the flag from a fairly long distance. The opening of the main flagpole of the republic took place in 2009 on the Day of the Capital of Astana.

How to get there

The monument of the National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the capital of Kazakhstan, the city of Astana (Nur-Sultan), the central park of the city, the monument is located on the territory of the park, ethno-memorial complex "Atameken".


The flag of Astana City is not always in its place, it depends on weather conditions, in windy, clear weather, the flag is in place around the clock. The city of Astana is famous for its fast winds, so when the wind blows very strongly, the flag is removed, as well as when it rains and in winter when it snows. When you are under the mast itself and the flag is in place, you can observe its huge canvas at a short distance and this is a very exciting sight, especially the flag pleases children. The place is always open, in the evening the Flag of Kazakhstan is illuminated by special lighting lamps, it is always crowded here, the place where the flagpole is installed is in the central park of Astana.

The main flagpole is the city of Astana, the State Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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