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Independence Palace (Astana)

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The Palace of Independence in Astana is a venue for official state events, forums, meetings, meetings, congresses. The capacity, technical equipment, and comfort of the building make it possible to hold and demonstrate events at a high international level. Along with official events, there are all opportunities for concerts, exhibitions, festive gatherings.

How to get there

The Palace of Independence is located in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. tel. +7 (7172) 701–391, +7 (7172) 700–380 GPS coordinates: 51.1207°N 71.4720°E


The internal structure is a combination of strict solutions and aesthetics of comfort. The structure of the Palace of Independence: congress hall; decoration hall; press center; gallery of manual art and ethnography, archeology and anthropology; gallery of Modernity; Museum of Astana History; 4D cinema; electronic library; mock-up hall.

The Independence Palace consists of 3 floors. The first floor is a unique combination of national and modern styles. There is a conference hall for 3082 people, a registration hall for 268 seats, a press center for 220 seats, a spacious restaurant with a capacity of 678 people and equipped with a stage and sound equipment. On the second floor there is a gallery of handmade art and ethnography, archeology and anthropology. The Archeology Hall is represented by rare ancient exhibits, such as the Golden Man, the Sarmatian Hero, Berel horses, stones with secret inscriptions. There are also clothes, equestrian jewelry, products of the Scythian-Saka world made in the animal style.

Ethnography and the art of needlework are presented in the form of women's jewelry, national clothes of various regions of the Kazakh steppe, weapons of heroes, song instruments, handmade carpets, hunting compositions. The great achievement of nomadic civilizations is a Kazakh yurt made by a modern master.

The Hall of Anthropology is a reflection of the image of man, recreated in the past from the Neolithic era to the present day. The Museum of Modernity presents the works of such famous artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the third floor there is a Museum of the history of the city of Astana. The exposition space of the museum covers the entire period of the formation of the city of Astana: documents, gifts to Astana, achievements. 4D cinema with 49 seats offers visitors a film about the history of the capital. The layout hall "Astana 2030" shows the prospects for the development of Astana until 2030.

Independence Palace in Astana the capital of Kazakhstan


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