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Merchant Matvey Kubrin's House

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Merchant Matvey Kubrin's house is an architectural monument of the city of Astana at the beginning of the XX century. The house is a monument of architecture and history of Astana, the house is quite large and very beautiful. Now there are retail areas on the territory of the house and in the house itself, the house can be viewed both from the outside and from the inside. The house was built back in 1905, Art Nouveau style. Kubrin's family was rich and famous, there is also a house of his son Vasily Kubrin in the city, there is information that both these houses were connected by an underground passage.

Matvey Konstantinovich Kubrin – Akmola merchant, founded the partnership "Matvey Kubrin with sons and K", it was engaged in the production and sale of clothing, shoes, tea and sugar, as well as the company was engaged in the manufacture of jewelry. During the Soviet Union, the building of the house and shop was called "Rainbow".

How to get there

Merchant Matvey Kubrin's house is located in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates 51°09'54"N 71°25'22"E

Merchant Matvey Kubrin's House Astana city


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