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Saken Seifulin Museum

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Saken Seifullin Museum - was opened on February 21, 1988 in the city of Tselinograd (now Astana) as part of the regional museum of local lore. There is a monument to the poet next to the museum. Despite the fact that the museum is considered a historical architectural monument, the appearance of the museum is similar to an ensemble of modern new buildings. In the Seifullin Museum, a woven tapestry carpet dedicated to the victims of Soviet repression hung on the wall opposite the entrance door of the hall. In the center of the unique canvas, which occupies the entire wall, there is a plaster relief image of Saken Seifulin, at the foot - a bouquet of flowers. In the right wing at the entrance, the photo exhibition "Saken and Akmola" is intertwined with the current life of Astana, creating the illusion of tomorrow's future of the capital.

Saken Seifulin

Saken's birthplace is Karashilik, the museum presents images of his parents, the places where he spent his youth, where he studied, where he received his education, the village of Karaotkel and the city of Akmola. In 6 halls there are archives, documents and manuscripts of Saken, consumed ink, pens, books, newspapers and magazines and other valuable exhibits. Among them stands out a typewriter, presented at the time by the head of state L. Mirzoyan. Also in the museum there is a collection of books, photographs of S. Seifullin, published during his lifetime.

Collection of the Saken Seifulin Museum

The museum has a collection of documents and exhibits related to the persons of Saken. B. Mailin, I. Zhansugurov, A. Baitursynov, Sh. Kudaiberdievich, etc. you can find data related to writers, as well as information concerning Akan Seri, Birzhan Sala, Baluan Sholak, Ukili Ibray, Kazhymukan. The museum 's funds contain information about the poet Sh . Imanbayeva and Bashkir writer G. Sharipova, Russian writer, victim of repression G. Serebryakova. The museum also contains the works of scientists who studied the life and work of Saken.

How to get there

The Saken Seifulin Museum is located on the right bank of the Yesil (Ishim), on the ancient slope of the modern city of Astana at the intersection of S. Seifullin and M. Auezov streets, in an old wooden house. GPS coordinates: 51°10'17"N 71°25'24"E

Saken Seifulin Museum in Astana


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