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Hikmet Yasavi in Turkestan (Collection of Wisdom)

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Hikmet Yasavi (Divani Hikmat) is a literary work by Khoja Ahmed Yasavi of ethical and didactic content, praising the Sufi idea, also known as the Book of Reason Yasavi. Hikmet Yasavi are installed on one of the squares of the city of Turkestan, where you can come for a walk around the square and read the wise thoughts of the great thinker.

How to get there

Hikmet Yasavi can be read on the street where they are installed in the city of Turkestan.


The poet wrote his book in the Chagatai language, which was understandable to the Turks of the Kipchak steppe and Central Asia. This made it possible to comprehend the complex principles of the Koran and various hadiths, tapsirs written in Arabic, with the understanding of the local Turkic peoples. "Divani Hikmet" is a work of art based on samples of oral literature of a nomadic country, using linguistic and stylistic, model techniques of folklore of the Turkic peoples with great skill. The original "Divani Hikmet" has not been preserved. The oldest version was copied in the middle of the XV century. Divani Hikmet was published in Kazan (1887-1901), Istanbul (1901), Tashkent (1902-11).

"Divani Hikmet" is an omnipotent force, a clear program that leads every person to morality, virtue, and high moral qualities. Khoja Ahmet Yasawi measures the dignity of each person, the place he occupies in life, by the purity of his inner soul. He concludes that the constant improvement of the moral qualities of himself or the morality of the whole person depends on the morality of this person. And faith itself is a sacred power inherent only in the servant of Allah, which educates moral qualities and puts him on the path of God. According to the poet, the most important manifestation of morality is mercy, forgiveness, compassion for others.

Diwani Hikmat (Khoja Ahmet Yasawi)


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