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Juma Mosque (Turkestan)

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The Juma Mosque is one of the mosques of the city of Turkestan, an architectural monument, part of the Azret Sultan Museum Reserve. The mosque was built in the XVIII century, but this is not accurate information, there is also information that this mosque was built in the XIX century, the opinions of historians differ in the dating of this structure. At that time, the construction of mosques was a priority, so over 50 mosques were built throughout the Turkestan region.

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The Juma Mosque is located in the city of Turkestan, Turkestan region, Kazakhstan. The famous mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi is located 160 meters away. GPS coordinates: 43°17'45"N 68°16'14"E


The Juma Mosque was renovated in 1980. The structure is a building built of brick, the walls and facades of the room are plastered, the roof is sloping. The interior of the room is decorated with a decorative beam, which rests on the wall and an 8-sided mast standing in the center, with the help of a recessed support. The ceiling height is about 4 m, the doors are large Windows, the floor is wooden.

Juma Mosque in Turkestan


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