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Hilvet underground Mosque of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi

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Hilvet Underground Mosque is also known as the underground mosque of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, or his cell, a cave where Akhmet spent his time, read prayers and meditated. When the poet turned 63, Akhmet went underground, renouncing earthly goods and spending time praying. This building is located completely below ground level, the Juma Mosque was built above the underground mosque in the XIX century.

How to get there

Hilvet Underground Mosque is located in the city of Turkestan, part of the Azret-Sultan Nature Reserve-Museum, Turkestan region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 43°17'52"N 68°16'15"E


Hilvet (underground mosque), a sacred place, a place of pilgrimage, a place where the poet and great thinker of Kazakhstan, Khoja Akhmet Yasavi, spent his time reading prayer. The mosque dates back to the XVI century. In 1941, the mosque building was completely reconstructed. It is always crowded here, the place is very popular. In general, Turkestan is famous for its sacred places and the city is known as a place of pilgrimage for residents of the republic and visitors from abroad. Hilvet plays an important role in the cultural and religious identity of pilgrims who regularly come to Turkestan.

Hilvet underground mosque, Turkestan city, Turkestan region


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