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Sauran ancient city, settlement

Ancient cities of KazakhstanTour to Sauran settlement from Turkestan

Sauran was founded in the thirteenth century as a major shopping center. One of the cities of the Middle Ages, a city surrounded by a wall 6 m high. The first data about the city of Sauran are found in the works of the 10th century, at that time Sauran was known as an important strategic and commercial center in the Syrdarya basin. The height of the cultural layer 500 m to the south-east of the west is 2 m.

How to get there

The city of Sauran is located in the Turkestan region, 40 km from the city of Turkestan, the Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 43.515278°N 67.768611°E


The Arab historian Maqdisi wrote: "Sauran is a big city surrounded by seven floors of a fence, including Rabat, a mosque." In the middle of the 13th century, Sauran was the capital of the White Horde. At the end of the 14th century, the city was turned into a military castle by the Iron Emir. There was a large mosque in the city, which contributed to the spread of Islam in Kazakhstan. In the 16th century, Sauran was a large city surrounded by high fences with towers, as well as there was water supply and sewerage in the city. Sauran was weakened in the late 17th-early 18th centuries and finally destroyed in the early 19th century. Currently, Sauran is a circular area of 550-800 m with the remains of walls and towers. You can get inside the city through the gate. On the reverse side of the fence surrounding the city, there are traces of numerous canals. The conducted research proves that the city dates back to the 7th-18th centuries.


In the Middle Ages, the area in the middle reaches of the Syr Darya River was called the Turkestan region. One of the most prosperous cities of this region was Sauran. The city was a trade center connecting the population of the steppes and the townspeople. The Arab geographer Al-Magdisi said: "Sauran (Savran) is a large city surrounded by seven walls built one after the other. There are Rabats, the mosque is located in the inner city. It is a border town for protection from the Oghuz and Kipchaks. For a long time, the city has become a major center of trade and crafts in the south of Kazakhstan and the cradle of cultural development.

Sauran is an ancient city in the Turkestan region


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