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Excursion to Ak-Terek petroglyphs

Petroglyphs Akterek, so called rock paintings of the Bronze Age in the Akterek gorge in the Almaty region. The gorge contains 1000 rock carvings. The gorge is a part of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains and is located in a hilly mountainous area at a low altitude. Various studies of antiquity were carried out in the gorge and it was established that one of the important routes passed here, which was called Zhety Zhol, which in translation from Kazakh means "seven roads", as well as archaeological excavations were carried out in the area. During the excavations, ancient sites of people were discovered.

  • Distance of the route: 300 km
  • Season time: May - September
  • Best time: June - August
  • Group size: not more 12 person
  • Days & nights: 1 day

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