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Domalak Ana Mausoleum

Excursion to the mausoleum of Domalak AnaSacred places of Turkestan region

Domalak Ana Mausoleum is a sacred place of Turkestan region. Domalak ana symbolizes motherhood and goodness, translated from Persian Domalak Ana means "Holy Mother". The mausoleum was built in 1456, the reconstruction of the mausoleum was carried out several times. The height of the mausoleum is 12 meters, in 1996 a general reconstruction of the object was carried out, now the mausoleum looks modern, the masonry is made of white stones. Inside the mausoleum there are two sacred prayer stones, the mausoleum consists of 6 niches, the central part of the mausoleum is crowned by a dome.

How to get there

Domalak Ana Mausoleum is located in the Turkestan region in Kazakhstan, the distance from the city of Turkestan to the mausoleum is 165 km, the area of the Karatau mountains. GPS coordinates 42°52'30"N 69°40'11"E

Domalak Ana Mausoleum in Turkestan region


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