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Domalak Ana water spring

Living Water in Turkestan regionSacred springs of Kazakhstan

Domalak Ana is a sacred water source, the spring is very popular because the water of this source is considered therapeutic. Nearby is the famous Domalak Ana Mausoleum. The water comes out of the ground, there is a place where you can collect water in bottles, there is also a special place where people can pour water from a spring. For men there is a separate bath for women too, it is necessary to pour three buckets of water, people say that this method of interaction with water has a beneficial effect on the human body and fills it with positive energy.

How to get there

Domalak Ana spring is located in the Turkestan region in Kazakhstan, 160 km from the city of Turkestan. GPS coordinates: 42°52'30"N 69°40'11"E

Domalak Ana sacred water spring


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