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Appak Ishan Architectural Complex (mosque, madrasah)

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Appak Ishan – mosque, madrasah (architectural complex) of the XIX century. The complex is quite large, there is a large courtyard, all kinds of rooms and niches are located around the perimeter. The central part of the complex is crowned by a large round dome, as well as small domes are located around the perimeter of the mosque. The whole complex is built of yellow burnt brick, inside the complex there is a large green clearing made in the shape of an 8-pointed star.

How to get there

The Appak Ishan complex is located in the Turkestan region in Kazakhstan near the village of Shayan, Baydibek district.
GPS coordinates: N43°01'29" E69°22'23"


The mosque, the Appak Ishan madrasah can be visited in the daytime and in the evening, the entrance is always open. This object is very popular among local pilgrims and pilgrims from abroad. It is not crowded here, silence reigns around the whole complex, here you can calmly give in to prayers, read surahs from the Koran and relax. For the construction of this complex, craftsmen from the city of Bukhara were invited, at first the complex consisted of one building, over time the complex expanded, an inner courtyard and a central dome room appeared. Once there was a minaret near the Appak Ishan complex, at the moment the minaret tower is lost and cannot be restored. The complex has a prayer hall, a darshana, madrasah classrooms for classes.

Appak Ishana mosque, madrasah


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