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Arystan Baba Mosque

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Arystan Baba is one of the central mosques of the Turkestan region, a sacred sacred place, a place of pilgrimage. The mosque is called Arystan Baba, as well as Arystanbab Mausoleum which is located next to the mosque. The mosque is incredibly beautiful, lined with white marble, the roof is crowned by a huge, golden, round dome. The mosque has a prayer hall, rooms for lectures on the history and morality of Islam and Arabic letters. Circumcision rituals and religious traditions of Kazakh culture are also practiced in the mosque. The current building of the Arystan Baba mosque was built with the sponsorship of M. Aliyev. The first chief imam of the mosque is T. Seisenbaevich.

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The Arystan Baba Mosque is located next to the Arystan Baba Mausoleum in the Turkestan region in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Arystan Baba Mosque in Turkestan region


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