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Citadel Fortress Wall of Turkestan (XVI-XIX centuries)

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The fortress wall in Turkestan was built around the mausoleum of Ahmed Yasawi and around the central citadel, the wall dates from the XV-XIX centuries. The main original part of the wall has been preserved to this day and there is a place where you can look at it. The height of the wall is 10 meters, the wall is built of burnt brick, the top of the wall is crowned with loopholes and battlements. The wall was also surrounded by anti-personnel ditches and bridges, at the moment the structures have not been preserved and are completely lost. In 1980, part of the wall was restored, and after a major study of the entire complex, it was concluded that the wall was laid in the XV century.

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The fortress wall of the city of Turkestan is part of the Azret Sultan complex and surrounds the entire complex., located in the Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.


The fortress wall of Turkestan is a monument of republican significance, the wall is a fortification. The wall was originally built to protect the citadel and mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. In 1947, full-scale studies were conducted, headed by A.N. Bernstam, his group investigated the entire complex, a complete plan of the complex was drawn up, maps of the scheme were drawn, then the data were documented. In the XIX century the fortress walls were destroyed, in 1980 the restoration of the wall was carried out and now it looks like new.

Fortress wall in the city of Turkestan


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