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Bayanaul village

Sights of Bayanaul districtTrip from Pavlodar to Bayanaul

Bayanaul is a resort village, founded in 1826, in 1833-1868 it was the administrative center of the Bayanaul outer district. The location of Bayanaul between the cities of Karkaralinsk and the city of Pavlodar increased its economic importance, large fairs were held here. The terrain around Bayanauil is hilly in the northwest, in the southeast it is flat. The highest point in the vicinity is Mount Akbet, 1022 meters above sea level, which is located 6.2 km north of Bayanauil.

How to get there

The village of Bayanaul is located 210 km southwest of Pavlodar, on the shore of Lake Sabyndykol in the southeastern foothills of the Bayanaul mountains, Bayanaul district, Pavlodar region. GPS coordinates: 50°47'20"N 75°41'44"E

Bayanaul Nature Park and Sabandykol Lake

The village of Bayanaul is famous for its location, next to the village stretches its surface Lake Sabandykol, the most beautiful lake in the region. There are recreation areas on the shore of the lake, where you can have a great time, relax and swim in the waters of the lake. The village of Bayanaul also belongs to the Bayanaul Nature Park, the nature of the park is incredibly beautiful and pristine. Tourist walking routes pass through the park, it is also possible to move around the park by car, there are roads and control points along the way. Recreation areas on the Sabandykol Lake in the village of Bayanaul are very popular among the local population and guests from abroad, it is also considered a family holiday destination.

Bayanaul village in Bayanaul Park


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