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Monument on Kurgan-tash, Shevchenko Fort

Organization of tourism in Mangystau region A trip to Fort Shevchenko

Kurgantash Hill-located in the city of Fort Shevchenko, the hill is the place where a memorial complex dedicated to the victims of political repression is installed. The memorial was built in 1996, every year on May 31, a service is held at the memorial, people gather here to honor the memory of people who were subjected to Stalinist repression.

How to get there

Kurgantash Memorial Hill is located in Fort-Shevfenko, Mangystau Region, Kazakhstan.

History, information

During the years of political repression (1930-1933, 1935-1938), organized by Stalin, more than 4 million people were repressed, 103,000 of them were Kazakhstanis. Millions of Kazakhstanis left their homes to escape from special detachments called "twos", "threes" and "fives", these people fabricated cases, deprived innocent people of freedom, shot and killed. These dark years are forever imprinted in the memory of people, people fled from executions, torture and executions and hid where they could.

Kurgantash, memorial hill in the city of Fort Shevchenko


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