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Terenozek (Kyzylorda region)

Trip to the Aral Sea through the village of TerenozekExcursion to Terenozek

Terenozek (kaz. Terenozek) is a village in Kazakhstan, located at an altitude of 119 meters above sea level, the number of inhabitants is 9,661 people. We will definitely visit this village when we make our trip to the Aral Sea in the Kyzylorda region. The terrain around Terenozek is very flat, the area around the village is almost deserted, there are less than two inhabitants per square kilometer, there are no other settlements nearby.

How to get there

Terenozek is located 52 km northwest of the regional center-the city of Kyzylorda, on the banks of the Syrdarya River, Syrdarya district, Kyzylorda region, the district and the center of the akimat of the village of Terenozek.


The village of Terenozek was founded in 1906, the year in connection with the construction of the Orenburg– Tashkent railway, the village was the center of the livestock farm of the same name until 1995. The region has a cold desert climate, the average annual temperature in this area is 11°C. The warmest month is June, when the average temperature is 28 °C, and the coldest is January with a temperature of -12 °C.

Terenozek Folk Theater

Terenozek Folk Theater is a professional stage and concert institution. It was opened as a drama club at the House of Culture of the Syrdarya district. In 1988, he received the title of People's theater. The theater team presented a three-act drama by Sh. Kusainov "Esirgen Erke" (1990), a play by A. Abishev "Madi" (1992), theatrical performances dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Abai and the 50th anniversary of Victory in the 2nd World War, the 90th anniversary of A. Tokmagambetov (1995), a play by T. Akhtanov "the puppy groom" (1999). In 1996, at the regional competition of folk theaters in the village of Zhanakorgan, he took the 2nd prize. In 1998, during the Days of Culture and Art of the Syrdarya district in Kyzylorda, A. Akpanbetova staged the play "moths".

Terenozek settlement Kyzylorda region


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