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Nogai Ishan Mosque

Ancient mosques of South Kazakhstan regionVisit Nogai Ishan Mosque in Sozak

Nogai Ishan is an ancient mosque, built of brick, a building of the XIX century, a former church of 1904. The history of the building is very remarkable, the customer of the construction of the building was the merchant Khusainov, (Kazalinsky merchant of the first guild). Construction of the building began around 1888 and ended in 1915. The building includes the Ganibai Mosque, the Ganibai House, the Muratbayev Museum, the Baglanova House of Culture.

How to get there

Nogai Ishan Mosque is located in the village of Sozak, Turkestan region, Sozak rural district.
GPS coordinates: N44°08'50,17" E68°28'10,18"

History, information

Nogai Ishan is a propagandist of Islam in the Kazakh steppe, went to Mecca, where he received an education and received the degree of "ishan". The mosque operated from 1896 to 1928. From 1928 to 1993, the building was used as a granary and a club. At the moment, the mosque has been operating since 1993. The mosque was accepted for state protection on January 29, 1981 by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Shymkent Regional Council of People's Deputies No. 61 as an architectural monument of republican significance. Until 1989, the mosque was undergoing ongoing repairs. And in 2017, the complete reconstruction of the mosque was carried out by the current republican state enterprise "Kazkaitazhanartu".


The building of the Nogai Ishan mosque is one-story, height above the ground is 12.2 m. The mosque building continues from the north-western side with a 4.9 m high Aivan. Although the Nogai Ishan Mosque was built of baked brick, wood and iron were used in many of its structures. The total area of the structure is 32*15 m. The facade of the mosque in the South-eastern and south-western parts is decorated with rectangular and transverse belts. The loggia of the mosque is distinguished by the fact that the glass is made in the form of a grid with a pointed image and patterns applied inside the dome. The entrance portal with small towers on the side is very interesting. Above the hollow corridor is a loggia with latticed windows, elaborately made of wood. There is a large prayer hall in the center of the building. It connects to the Ivan Gallery in the east through a doorway. The patterned cornices of the gallery ceiling are supported by wooden columns. The upper part of the prayer rooms is engraved with patterns. The hipped roof, ending in a bulbous dome, elevates the four-sided shape of the main hall. In the architecture of the mosque, traditional forms characteristic of the Muslim world are harmoniously combined with architectural elements characteristic of the period of the XIX-XX centuries.

Nogai Ishan Mosque, Sozak village


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