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Aktas Mosque

Pilgrimage tourism in Kyzylorda regionvisit the Aktas Mosque

The Aktas Mosque is a monument of architectural art, an incredibly beautiful building made of burnt brick, built in 1884, the author is unknown. Near the mosque, there were permanent settlements of Kazakhs of the XVI-XIX centuries. According to legend, a certain Tashkentbay, from Samarkand, financed the construction. The building is located on a high porch above the floodplain of the right bank of the Syr Darya River, at the foot of the porch there is a spring with healing power. The mosque is so high that the tombs of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi and Arystanbab can be seen from its roof. Before leaving for Mecca, pilgrims gathered on the territory near the mosque.

How to get there

The Aktas Mosque is located in Kyzylorildna region, Dzhangakorgan district, located 7-8 km west of Besarik station, on the banks of the Syrdarya River. GPS coordinates: N43°30'55.56" E67°32'50.73"

Description, history

The building is constructed of rectangular baked brick. The square-shaped domed mosque has a height of 19.5 m from the floor to the dome. The entrance to the mosque is on the east side. Access to the dome of the mosque is through a 4-sided 2-storey neck. The walls are decorated with decorative patterns . There are 3 high graceful arches on the entrance side, the entrance to the mosque is made of a middle arch. Decorative windows are installed on the north and south walls.

The mosque's mihrab is located in the middle of the wall on the west side. During the excavations leading to the northern foundation, the foundations of the quadrangular chambers were discovered. Compared to this, it seems that there was a madrasah next to the mosque. In 1982, it was included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of national importance, taken under state protection. In 1984-86, the restoration of the mosque was carried out.

Aktas Mosque, Dzhangakorgan district


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