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Petroglyphs of Ak-Baur

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Akbaur petroglyphs-located in the Ak-Baur grotto belong to the Neolithic era. On the slopes of the hill there is a grotto of the same name with rock carvings made of red ochre (or blood of sacrificial cattle). Paintings of this color are not found anywhere in Eastern Kazakhstan. The worship of gods was common in many early cultures and is due to the fact that local mountains were considered home to local gods. They symbolized the center of the universe, the place of contact between heaven and earth, the desire for eternity and peace.

Our ancestors considered Akbaur a holy place. The customs practiced in the vicinity of the Akbaur and Kyzyltas mountains are probably associated with the cult of the mountains, one of the earliest magical cults, along with the cults of the sky, sun, lightning, animals and plants. It was on the basis of these cults that many early forms of religions were formed.

How to get there

The Ak-Baur petroglyphs are located in the Akbaur grotto cave, 38 kilometers from Ust-Kamenogorsk, in the upper reaches of the Akbaur River beyond the village of Sagyr, on Mount Korzhymbai.
GPS coordinates: 49°40'50"N 82°41'00"E


The semicircular space of the Ak-Baur grotto is covered with a stone slab with a heart-shaped hole. The White Brother is interesting as a monument of early culture, because, unlike many similar megalithic buildings, it has a detailed epigraphic accompaniment: images in the grotto. To date, about 80 drawings have been preserved: several images of a man, a mountain goat, images of dwellings and carts, various signs. Among the symbols in the grotto there are many different crosses-solar signs. Therefore, most likely, we have a map of the starry sky that our ancient ancestors saw. The natural opening of the "roof" of the grotto in the form of a heart has traces of processing, which were probably corrected by man for more convenient observation of the stars.

Various scientists and researchers presented their explanations of the petroglyphs. E. V. Kurdakov claimed that the path of salvation of mankind was written in the grotto. On the way of people in Akbaur lived priests who showed the way to travelers and migrants who moved across the continent.

Ak-Baur rock art, petroglyphs

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