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Altynasar settlement

Monuments of Jetyasar cultureExcursion to the Altynasar settlement

Altynasar (Altyn-asar, Jety-asar) is an ancient settlement, a military fortress, a fort of the V century BC — VIII century AD, a monument of the Jety-Asar culture. The city is large, with an area of 17 hectares with four main buildings. The city is built of capital buildings consisting of several floors, first explored in 1948 by the Khorezm Archeoleological expedition led by Sergei Tolstov.

How to get there

The Altynasar settlement is located in the Karmakshinsky district of the Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: N45°11'31,17" E63°31'44,62"

History, information

At the beginning of the ridge, the outlines of two hills are clearly traced. The first one is called the "Big House", has an area of 150x150 m, a height of 12-15 m. There were mostly residential buildings here. The second hill is "little house". The excavations have shown that the lower floor of the city was built in the 1-8 centuries. The upper layer dates back to the 6th-8th centuries. The living quarters on the top floor have been excavated. The rooms have preserved soufs and hearths installed above the floor. It turned out that they had a sloping roof covered with logs and reeds. The population of the city was engaged in animal husbandry, agriculture. Like other settlements, the ancient inhabitants of Altynasar left the city because of the enemy invasion.

Altynasar settlement, Kyzylorda region


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