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Arshaty village

Beautiful villages of East KazakhstanJeep tour to Arshaty village

Arshaty is a small picturesque village in the Katon-Karagai district, the village is surrounded by the most beautiful mountains of the park, there is a small forestry and a guest house in the village. The population of the village is small, only 716 people, half of whom are men and the other half are women. The village will get in your way when you travel in the park, the Katon-Karagai Nature Reserve.

How to get there, visit

The village of Arshaty is located in the East Kazakhstan region in the Katon-Karagai district, 175 kilometers from the village of Ulken-Naryn.
GPS coordinates: 49°17'26"N 86°33'54"E

Arshaty village in the Katon-Karagai Nature Reserve


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