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Tekeli stupa (suburgan)

Buddhist monuments of KazakhstanExcursion to the Tekeli stupa

Tekeli stupa is also a monument to Kelinshektas, Tekeli princess, a Buddhist stupa, a monument to the era of missionaries from Tibet in Kazakhstan. Stella is a piece of rock, which depicts a Buddhist image of a stupa (pagoda). On the reverse side of the stone there is a recess in which there is water all year round, this water is sacred among the locals and is deeply revered as living water. According to Buddhist beliefs, the stupa personifies the Buddha himself, the place itself is a place of power and grace.

How to get there, visit

The Tekeli Buddhist stele (stupa) is located in the Zhetusu region, Kazakhstan, 4 kilometers from the city of Tekeli on the banks of the Kora River.
GPS coordinates: N44°52'41.15" E78°48'37.63"


The Tekeli stupa is 2-3 meters high, the width of the base is 3 meters, the image is printed on a large stone, on the other hand, there are inscriptions, there is also a depression on the stone in which water stands all year round. Also, on one of the sides there is a Buddhist symbol of Kalachakra, and inscriptions, presumably prayers, mantras. The top line in the translation of N. S. Yakhontova contains a request to get rid of diseases and epidemics. The lower one is the Sanskrit mantra written in Tibetan letters: om ta mo nip ha tah rgyun na pa sva ha. On the lower plane of the stone stele, a stupa is depicted in the form of a pyramid with the figure of the Buddha sitting inside it. Near the Tekeli stupa there are also burial mounds, or mounds, which, according to researchers, do not belong to this monument.

Tekeli stupa (suburgan) in Kazakhstan


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