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Talgar settlement (Talkhir, Talkhiz)

Tour from Almaty to the city of TalgarExcursion to the Talkhir settlement from Almaty

Talkhir is a medieval city located in the Almaty region, the heyday of the city falls on the 10th-13th centuries. During this period, Talkhiz became an economic, cultural and political center. The central part of the city has been preserved, surrounded by a fence on all sides, which is now a quadrangular hill. The city is surrounded on all sides by high walls. The corners of the castle walls are complemented by towers and a dug moat outside. Now they have turned into a mound of soil covered with grass and shrubs.

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The Talgar settlement is located in the Almaty region, in the south of the city of Talgar, in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau, on the right bank of the Talgar River. GPS coordinates: 43°16'39"N 77°12'48"E


In written sources of the 8th-9th centuries, it is known as the city of Talkhiz. There are two entrances to the city. The first of them is located on the northeast side as in the center of the wall, and the second is on the southwest side.
The central part of Talkhiz is a square area of about 9 hectares. Residential buildings and workshops were built on the outskirts of the central fortress, and the city area reached 30 hectares. As a result of many years of excavations, it was discovered that residential houses and workshops in Talkhiz were located in groups along large or small streets. The roads inside the city are divided into four parts, paved with pebbles from the Talgar River. The houses are grouped by streets into blocks, there were 12-14 houses in each block. The houses were connected by narrow streets.

There are about 60 blocks in the city, occupying 3500-5000 m2 of land. The premises had a characteristic feature, structure: they consisted of the house itself and the yard. Large and small parts of the yard depended on the living conditions, the prosperity of the household. The plans of residential buildings inside the city were built of round oblong stones with a clay mixture. Each house consists of several rooms, stoves are placed in the houses for the purpose of heating residential premises, baking bread.

Urban planning is mostly made of stone. The area of each construction site is 300 m2. Along with settled cattle breeders, there were many blacksmiths, pottery masters, glass blowers, jewelers and builders in the city. A large number of ceramics, tools and jewelry made of iron, bronze, and bones were found in the city. Silver and copper were also found. Various household items carved from bones, copper jugs and other relics.

Talgar ancient settlement (Talkhir, Talkhiz)


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