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Begazy-Dandybai Culture

Tours of the archaeological monuments of Begazy-Dandybai culture

Excursion to the Dandybai necropolis

Begazy-Dandybai culture is the culture of the tribes that inhabited Central Kazakhstan in the late period of the Bronze Age (9th-8th century BC), as well as the types of art and activities. The most famous preserved monument of this culture is the mausoleum of Begazy, here you can come to enjoy the nature of the Karaganda region and visit the mausoleum, find out how our ancestors lived.

The study of this historical place and the determination of its significance for our ancient history was the scientist-famous academician, historian, ethnographer Alkey Margulan. A special archaeological group led by this scientist comprehensively investigated the Begazy-Dandybai area in 1947-1949 and 1952. Based on these studies, important scientific conclusions were made not only for the history of Kazakhstan, but also for the history of mankind as a whole in ancient times.


The district center of the Karaganda region "Begazy - Dandybai Madeniyet", which tells about the history of Kazakhstan in the early period, is located about 40 km from the village of Aktogay. The tribes that flourished in the Begazy-Dandybai culture inhabited the vast plains between the Ulytau, Abraly, Chingiz mountains in the west on the Nura, Sarysu, Karakengir rivers and the Kyzyltau, Kyzylarai, Karkaralinsk, Bayanaul mountains in the south to the Irtysh River.

Begazy-Dandybai culture in the Karaganda region


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