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Serektas Petroglyphs in the Serektas Mountains

Jeep tour to petroglyphs of Almaty region -

Excursion to the Serektas petroglyphs -

Serektas petroglyphs are little-known petroglyphs of the Almaty region, located in the Serektas mountains. In Kazakhstan, you can see petroglyphs (rock carvings) everywhere; the Kazakh land is replete with this kind of cultural tradition of our ancient ancestors. In the Serektas mountains we found rock paintings, there are not many of them since we did not explore all the mountains, but we want to return there later and try to find more images.

How to get there, visit -

The Serektas petroglyphs are located in the mountains, which are also called Serektas and are located in the Almaty region, approximately 170 kilometers from the city of Almaty, in a hilly semi-desert area, Almaty region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: N43°56'48" E75°39'38"

Information -

The Serektas petroglyphs are easily accessible; you can easily get here from Almaty, but only if you drive a 4x4 jeep; a passenger car cannot pass here. A country road leads to the mountains, along which you will need to plan a route in advance using electronic maps. In this area there are a lot of different roads that lead to small farms where a few farms live and raise livestock, so in order not to get lost, use satellite GPS navigators and satellite maps.

Petroglyphs of Serektas in Almaty region


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