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Chagan Lake (Balapan, Atomic)

Atomic Lake TourTourism in the Abai region

Chagan is an artificial lake, formed as a result of the Soviet Union conducted on January 15, 1965 as part of a peaceful program of nuclear explosions for the national economy at one of the sites of the Semipalatinsk test site - the Balapan test site in the course of the Chagan River. Currently, the Atomic Lake is one of the main tourist sites of the Semipalatinsk test site. The places here are very beautiful, the nature of the region is fascinating, we invite you to take a jeep tour to the lake and admire its beauty.

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Lake Chagan (Atomic) is located on the territory of the Abai region in Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 49°56'7"N 79°0'30"E


The water in Lake Chagan comes from the Chagan River, which gave it its name. It is often called the "atomic lake", its volume is about 10 000 000 m3. The lake is still radioactive, although the radioactivity has decreased slightly. In the south, the edge of the crater holds the waters of the second reservoir. On the satellite images of 2009, which can be viewed on Wikipedia, the lake is not at all large, now the lake has become much larger. Swimming in the lake is not recommended.

Lake Shagan (Chagan) Abai region


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