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Tour from Atyrau to Turkmenistan

Traveling on motorhomes (campers) in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan

A trip from Astrakhan to Turkmenbashi

This tour starts in Russia, the main part of it passes through the territory of Kazakhstan and continues further through Turkmenistan. The tour is designed for 6 days, and includes the escort of tourists by car (motorhome) through the territory of Kazakhstan. It is also possible to organize this tour only within Kazakhstan without going to Turkmenistan or Russia, it is possible to include three countries for travel at once.

Route according to the program: Astrakhan - the checkpoint "Kurmangazy" (Kazakh-Russian checkpoint) - the village of Ganyushkino - the village of Ak-Kystau - the city of Atyrau - the village of Dossor - the village of Kulsary - the village of Beineu - the village of Sai-Utes - the descent from the Manat chink - the village of Zharmysh - Shetpe station - Zhetybai village - Karagie depression - Aktau city - Zhanaozen city - Kenderli tract - Temirbaba / Karabogazgol checkpoint (Turkmen-Kazakh checkpoint) - Bekdash\Karabogaz village - Turkmenbashi

The total distance from the checkpoint "Kotyaevka \ Kurmangazy" (Russian-Kazakhstani checkpoint between the city of Astrakhan (Russia) and the city of Atyrau (Kazakhstan) to the checkpoint Temirbaba\Karabogaz (Kazakh-Turkmenistan checkpoint between the city of Zhanaozen (Kazakhstan) and the village Bekdash \ Karabogaz (Turkmenistan) - 1,525 km (this distance is indicated only for the territory of Kazakhstan).

Detailed tour program day by day from Kazakhstan to Turkmenistan:

  • Distance of the route: 1525 km
  • Season time: all season
  • Best time: June, July, August
  • Group size: 1-25
  • Days & nights: 6 days, 5 nights

Tour itinerary:


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