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Paleontological tour on Mangyshlak

Paleontology of Mangyshlak, ancient fossils, minerals -

Search for Ammonites and teeth of ancient sharks in Mangyshlak -

The paleontology of the Mangyshlak Peninsula is attracting more and more tourists to the region. Especially for this, our company has developed a special two-day program, which includes visiting special places where you can conduct your research, search for ancient fossils and minerals. We can offer travelers who are interested in the paleontology of the Mangistau region to visit such places as: the Usak valley (tract), the Khanga-Baba necropolis area, the Makhtum-Baba mosque, the Karakuz well, the Tau tract, the Taubezhik tract, etc. You will find a detailed day-by-day program and a detailed description of paleontology below in the description.

Paleontological sights of the Mangyshlak Peninsula:

  • Distance of the route: 490 km
  • Season time: Spring Summer Autumn
  • Best time: Spring
  • Group size: 1-25
  • Days & nights: 2 days, 1 night

Tour itinerary:


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