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Tour to the Beket-Ata Mosque (Oglandy)

Read a prayer in the underground mosque Beket-Ata

Holy places of the Mangyshlak Peninsula

Beket ata (Oglandy) is an underground mosque carved into the rock by a hermit, Sufi, mystic and holy man Beket-ata. The mosque consists of 5 rooms, the light enters the mosque through special places carved into the ceiling. The place is sacred, you can always meet pilgrims here. The legend says that Beket-ata was a healer, he knew how to heal people, instruct them on the righteous, true path. The place where the mosque is located was not chosen by chance, it is a place with a special energy, Beket-ata felt this and built a mosque here. Pilgrims said that after visiting the mosque, miracles happen to them, people here are healed of illnesses, their third eye opens and they begin to see.

From the village of Senek to the Beket-ata mosque, the distance is 115 km, from the city of Zhanaozen to the mosque is 150 km. The mosque is located on the Mangyshlak peninsula in a desert area on a mountain slope. To get to the mosque, you must first make a descent from the ledge, and then again make a small ascent. The mosque is a cult-memorial monument of the 17th century. We recommend visiting the mosque on weekdays, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
GPS coordinates 43°35′44″N 54°04′12″E

Route of the pilgrimage to the Oglandy tract:

Aktau - Zhanaozen city - Kuyu-Tam mausoleum - Oglandy tract - Beket ata underground mosque

  • Distance of the route: 277 km
  • Season time: all yeat
  • Best time: Summer season
  • Group size: 1-25
  • Days & nights: 1 day

Tour itinerary:


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