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Sisem-Ata necropolis

One day trip to the Sisem-Ata necropolis

The Sisem-Ata necropolis is an outstanding historical and cultural complex of the Eastern Caspian region, which is considered the "Adai pantheon" within the country. Many historical figures and heroes who contributed to the development of the Mangystau-Ustyurt region are buried here. Of particular importance are the epigraphs on tombstones, written in Arabic inscriptions on more than 150 monuments. The Sisem Ata Mausoleum is an amazing set of achievements of the Kazakh art of stone carving, an original work of fine art (drawings) and a unique ornamental style that has both ethnographic and art history significance.

How to get there, visit

The Sisem-ata necropolis is located in the Mangistau region, Ustyurt plateau, the distance from the village of Sayotes to the Sisem-ata necropolis is 34 kilometers.
GPS coordinates: 44°37′15″N 53°35′00″E


The Sisem-ata necropolis was formed as a unique architectural ensemble, it includes about 30 mausoleums, more than 100 saganatams, several hundred small architectural forms. Many of them are bright examples of Kazakh folk architectural and monumental glyptic art. Among them is a special group of facade mausoleums dating back to the second half of the 19th century - wonderful monuments of the late 19th century. Small forms of memorial structures also prevail here: chests, monuments, ancient images of stelae - tombstones and their harmony, among which there are real monuments, which are a unique example of the art of stone carving. The upper surface of most of them is covered with contour, flat relief and three-dimensional ornaments, often decorated with “pictures” of weapons, household items, images of animals, and a unique stage panel. Most of the ancient Kazakh monuments bear the symbols of the Adai clan, and lapidary epitaphs are rare. Among the monumental structures, the unique mausoleum of Bai Kozhanazar Zhanayevich of the end of the 18th century is noteworthy.

Necropolis Sisem-Ata, Mangistau region


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