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Cities of Karaganda region

City tour in Karkaralinsk

Karkaralinsk (Karkaraly) is a beautiful small town, founded on April 8, 1824, located in the Karaganda region. The height at which the city is located is 815 meters above sea level, the city is surrounded by the picturesque Karkaraly Mountains, the Karkaraly River flows nearby. The city of Karkaralinsk is unlike any other city, with its appearance, architectural identity, rich history. One city in itself is a center with a large number of exhibits that can offer their relic to thousands of tourists.

How to get there, visit

The city of Karkaraly is located in the eastern part of the Karaganda region, 220 km southeast of the city of Karaganda.
GPS coordinates: 49°25'0"N 75°25'0"E

Information, history

Historically, where the city of Karkaralinsk is located, the first people who inhabited this region were dinosaurs. History has confirmed this fact that the earliest family of predatory animals were dinosaurs. The proof of this is the excavations of the "cold spring", "three caves" at the beginning of the city. The relic "Altyn Adam", found in the foothills of the Kent Mountains, is also a symbol of the era of the ancient Saka, Hunnic tribes. Karkaralinsk has more than 2 thousand years of history, the old town of Kent, Alat, Taldy were the blessed place of our great ancestors, whose settlements are preserved in this region.

In the second half of the 19th century, Karkaralinsk, whose land was fertile, with pastures rich in cattle, became an important trading, commercial, cultural and educational place as a hub of the caravan route from Central Asia and China to Siberia. On the shore of Lake Karasor in the north of Karkaralinsk, from 1848 to 1930, the famous Koyanda Fair was held. Talented singers and artists (A. Kashaubayev, I. Baizakov, Zh. Shanin, K. Kuanyshbayev, M. Ualieva) showed their performances here.

The Karkaraly White birch and green Poplar have attracted the attention of scientists, researchers and travelers since time immemorial. The first scientist of the Kazakh people Shokan Ualikhanov visited the Karkarala district twice - in 1855 and 1863. He devoted his official trip to acquaintance with oral folk tales, songs and legends. Sh. Ualikhanov collected several interesting materials on animal husbandry.

The famous traveler P. P. Semenov-Tianshansky elevated the title of "Geographic and Statistical Reference Dictionary of the Russian Empire", published in 1865. For the first time, a wide readership was fascinated by the secrets of caves and mounds that have not yet been explored in Karkaralinsk. The Russian traveler G. N. Potanin in his memoirs about the trip, while in this area, stayed in the house of the then merchant Ryazantsev, this building has survived to this day.

The city of Karkaralinsk (Karkaraly) in the Karaganda region


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